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A cool fermented ale. Originating from Cologne, Germany during the 1800's when lagers were taking over the beer markets. Straw gold, very light body, bready or biscuit flavours with a crisp/dry finish. Very refreshing summer beer. Mild hop flavour and nose. Brewed using Pilsner and wheat malts and only Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops. 


4.8% Alc, 22IBU, 3SRM

The Coastie Common Lager has been fermented warmer to bring you the best of both the ale and lager style. With full, fruity and flavourful esters like an ale with a crisp clean lager finish. Matched with northern brewer and chinook hops to give you a very seasonal beer. 


4.2% Alc, 33IBU, 7SRM

A firm favourite, easy drinking with subdued hoppiness, feathering some of our favourite Australian hops - Citra for (unsurprisingly) citrus tones and Ella (Galaxys little sister) this session-able beer is mildly fruity whilst still maintaining a fairly solid malt body.


4.7% Alc, 41IBU, 11SRM

Don't let the darkness of this beer put you off, it drinks surprisingly light and crisp. Light roastiness on the nose and hints of cocoa. Sweet dark chocolate washs over the palette along with burnt toffee and caramel. Roast coffee note's and a pleasant bitterness round out this beer for a warming winter beer.


4% Alc, 29IBU, 28SRM

A beer for those looking for an experience In a glass. Our red ale is loaded with flavour. The olfactory experience is off sweet citrus backed up with brown sugar and light spices. On the palette you get a silky mouthfeel then a sticky resinous character. Notes of stone fruits start this  beer off and then dark caramel and piney resinous hop flavours come along to finish it off.


5.4% Alc, 32IBU, 14SRM

This West Coast IPA is the real deal. Big alcohol content, high bitterness, a big hop charge at flame out and generous dry hopping post ferment gives this beast one hell of a hit. Rich with sweet tropical fruits and bubblegum on the nose and mouth. A creeping bitterness comes in to wash it away leaving behind a juicy mouth feel and mild alcohol. 


6.6% Alc, 66IBU, 6SRM


A well rounded mid-strength beer. Pours a rich gold colour with an off white head. A simple malt bill with a high mash temperature gives a lot of body to the beer. The combination of Cascade and Galaxy hops impart a very bright tropical fruit character as well as sweetness. Firm bitterness clears the palette and invites another sip. 


3.8% Alc, 26IBU, 5SRM


Brewing The Coastie Common

Batch brewed no more that 1800L at a time, our beer uses freshly milled 2-row and medium crystal malt. Once mashed, the wort is boiled and Northern Brewer and Chinook hops are added. These, not used in excess, give us optimum bitterness and aroma without over powering the beautiful malty backbone to this great beer.

We then cool our wort and ferment at around 16 degrees; a higher temperature than most Lagers.


The beer then sits ‘Lagering’ at around 1 degree celcius for at least 4 weeks. As the beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised, the lagering process allows the beer to clear and the yeast taste matures to round out the flavour profile. 

Our Coastie is mostly naturally carbonated with just a little extra carbonation added at the end if needed. This ensures it's not too gassy and is a pleasure to drink direct from a can or from a glass. 

The Coastie is then put into kegs for our bar and wholesale customers or packaged into cans to come home with you. We prefer cans over bottles, acting like mini kegs, ensuring the beer stays fresher for longer, quick to cool, recyclable, less waste and zero light hitting the beer (which is a bad thing). 

Our beer is always kept cold; canned cold; stored cold and delivered cold. This way we maintain the freshness and ensure you receive the premium product you deserve.