We love where we live.

Noosa Heads; tucked in a bay on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean. We live simply, making the most of every day spent in paradise. From exploring the rolling hinterland to immersing ourselves in the pristine waters of the oceans and lakes, we wanted our brewery, beer and products to reflect this lifestyle. An icy cold beer at the end of the perfect Noosa day is simply the best thing, washing away the dust or salt. After the first sip a smile grows on your sunburnt, zinc and salt encrusted face. This is the lifestyle we live. This is what we are about. Simple really.

Clinging to the edge of a large island, we are defined by the Land and Sea and specifically the Noosa headland. Our logo represents the headland as seen from the east, whilst driving back from a day up the north shore, surfing, fishing, camping. Once you see the heads and it looms in the distance you know there isn't far now till you get home and cold beer awaits. 


Land And Sea Brewery