So we had the land and now we had to find someone to build our dream brewery, someone who shares our view and ethics, a builder who understands our requirements both in brewing terms and environmental terms. Ya see, we know brewing takes a lot of power and a lot of water so we wanted to create a building that was as green as possible to offset some of the consumptions. We love our little piece of heaven and our environmental impact is always first and foremost in our minds. 

We decided to use TEAM BUILDING as our builder, with a history of high end projects and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable focus on building green, we were set. 

Plans were drawn and we set about creating the perfect 18HL brewery, with equal focus and consideration on the production and tap house elements, so its as good to brew in as it is to relax in. 

We were also adamant that we used, where possible, local trades to do the work. We have some amazingly skilled guys and girls here on the coast and wanted people who were proud to be a part of the build. It also doesn't hurt to have future customers building it; everyone loves a cold beer at knock off. 


Land And Sea Brewery