Cans vs bottles. It's a fierce debate. People are very divided and loyal to one type of packaging or another.  Both have their strengths. But we choose to can. Why? Well let us tell you why we love the humble 375ml aluminium can so much. 

Like a Mini Keg - Kegs are great, air tight and pressure tested vessels that keep beer fresh for a long period. Our can is the same, only smaller. When sealed, the can acts like a mini keg.

Airtight - However well sealed a crown cap on a bottle is, it isn't as airtight as the rolled and crimped seam on a can. Oxygen is bad for beer, so a can keeps 100% of oxygen out. The can is purged with CO2 and the lid is laid onto a bubble of foam so at no point in the process can oxygen get in. This means the beer stays fresher for longer in a can.

No Light - As our beer is unpasteurised, UV light can damage the beer, both in freshness and taste. A can keeps 100% of light out of the bottle, this means fresher beer for longer. 

Colder quicker - Our beers are kept cold through the whole process, from brewing to canning to storing to delivery. Unpasteurised beer can start to spoil if it gets too warm, but if you need to cool our beer in a fridge or ice bath then a can will get colder quicker than a bottle, meaning icy cold beer, quicker.

Environmentally Friendly - Aluminium cans use less energy to make than bottles, are lighter and take up less room to freight so their carbon footprint is less, and they are easier to recycle than glass. Not to mention they are unbreakable so better on the beach or in nature as no chance of broken glass or fires (always take them with you though). 

Can help in an emergency - As our can details you can turn the ring pull into a fishing hook, catch your dinner and not starve whilst in the wilderness. Also cut up can to make lures and you will be sure to survive when you next find yourself stranded and alone, unless you don't like fish, then you will be sure to perish.

Land And Sea Brewery