Our Oktoberfest Release

Vienna Lager: Originating from the city, this tanned leather colour beer smells of fresh raisin toast and honey. A malty lager style that drinks delicate and smooth the whole way through.

Roggenbock: Brewed with 45% rye in the mash to impart a lusciously silky mouthfeel. Lagered for 4 months to smooth everything out and get this high alcohol lager deceptively refreshing. Light notes of banana character and fresh eye bread.

Hefeweizen: A german beer brewed with 60% wheat to give it a big soft pillowy head. A special yeast is employed to ferment this beer with lots of clove, banana and bubblegum to make a super refreshing hot weather beer. Brewed with mandarin peels, coriander, chamomile, hibiscus and lemon myrtle.

Smoked Alt: Alt beer is the cousin to Kolsch, both cold fermented ales with Alt bier being the darker maltier version of the two. Made using a smoked malt to impart rich smoky bacon, dark fruits and rich malt sweetness on the back of palette.

Land And Sea Brewery