8 Days of Pure Stoke

What a weekend! To begin, we teamed up with our new neighbours, Thomas surfboards for an epic party full of live music, art, tattoos and beer. It was great seeing our cans making the rounds and all the happy people with our Coastie Common in their hands. Thomas knows how to throw a great party so what a treat to collaborate with him. Whenever you have time make sure you go and check out his new place. 

Fast forward through until Sunday and we dropped the tools and had our team event for the Noosa surf festival. There are not many jobs in the world where you can leave the office, hop into your car and go and surf one of the best point breaks in the world, so we are extremely lucky. We Arrived at 10:30am, cracked open the esky and let the surfers dig in to our malt based sports tonic. The tonic worked and a great day was had by all. Do yourself a favour and go and check out the Noosa surf festival followed by a nice cold beer at the brewery.

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Land And Sea Brewery