Cherry Saison 🍒

It was time to put the staff brewing program to the test. And who better than Cam.. who has been studying the craft beer scene for the last 5 years, whilst home brewing on the side. There were so many possibilities but his recent love for Belgian beer culture concluded that he wanted to make a Cherry Saison. Cherries are full of flavour and give off a lot of colour in beer so we were excited to see how it turned out.

The beer was brewed with a classic saison base, Pilsner and Wheat malts, fermented at 25 C. Once primary fermentation was complete we added 10kgs of sweet cherries alongside a champagne yeast to really dry it out and compliment the deep fruit characters. It is very mildly hopped to allow the cherries and yeast to shine through.

Look:  This Cherry Saison pours a deep red in colour with a light pink head. The silky head stays around throughout drinking experience.

Aroma:  Subtle cherry aromas and mixed berry hit the nose then are taken over by Saison funkiness of leather, hay and mild white wine notes.

Taste: This beer has very tart champagne notes off the start which is then supported by sweet cherries and finishes dry on the palette inviting another sip. 

Land And Sea Brewery