Which do you prefer?

Both Different, Both great

The Kolsch is cool fermented at 15C, this inhibits the flavours the yeast produce creating a more neutral and lager like beer.

This ale is then lagered (cold stored at 1C) for 5 weeks to drop out all the yeast and round out any harsh or unpleasant flavours. The Kolsch is an ale but treated like a lager in every way. A hybrid ale. A very light body, bready or biscuity flavours with a crisp/dry finish. Very refreshing summer beer.

Our Coastie Common is fermented at 16C, this warmer temp stresses the yeast out and causes it to put out a lot more fruity characters than usual. The Coastie is more of a yeast driven beer, but it is still lagered for 5 weeks to clarify. With full, fruity and flavourful esters like an ale with a crisp clean lager finish.

Both beers are the opposite style to the yeast used in them. Creating something different than most people would expect. We serve our Kolsch as our house lager and Coastie as a robust lafer. Both Different, yet strangely the same.

Land And Sea Brewery