What to expect in your tour:

Here at L&S we take our passion for beer seriously.. Like any good passion we love sharing it with the world. Our brewery tours take you into the action where a methodical, in depth knowledge of how we produce our craft can be learned. Each tour is geared to your experience level with beer, be it the 4 ingredients that make it or the fascinating life cycles of yeast.

A tasting paddle on arrival with your choice of 4 beers (140mL ea) from our menu and a guided tour with one of our brewers. After soaking up some knowledge you can sit down with a schooner of your choice and do a bit of beer appreciation.

The history of beer and brewing is vast and varied, with mishaps and chance playing into the beer we know and love today. Taste the malt and learn how blending them together affects the beer, smell fresh hops and learn about where they grow and how they came to be in beer in the first place.

The finer details

Tours are $35 per person with a max of 10 people.

They run everyday from 11:30am until 1pm.

You will receive a free tasting paddle & a free schooner.

*enclosed shoes are essential.


“Just writing to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Land and Sea. Particular thanks to Tim for showing us around the brewery and really catering the tour to us. We all had an amazing experience, the food was great, the staff were all lovely and the beer was even better! We will definitely be back again when we find ourselves on the sunny coast (which is hopefully very soon). You guys have really created an amazing business and we can’t wait to see your beer on some shelves in Vic or even better -the Tatyoon club rooms.”