Our ethos at Land & Sea revolve around minimising our environmental impact to be as close to carbon neutral as possible. We immerse ourselves in nature daily and its only fair that we do our part in preserving it for future generations.

Our first step in doing this was installing 80 solar panels to power the brewhouse and implementing our water tank that feeds our irrigation system. 


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Malted Barley is a key ingredient in the beer making process. But once its part is over, we are left looking for creative ways to give the spent grain a second life. So.. we send it to our local baker, who turns it into our spent grain sourdough & bread rolls used in our meals. it’s a subtle flavour that is nutritious, low in sugar and high in fibre. The rest is sent to Al, the owner of a local farm to feed his cattle. Our eggs are free range organic, our bacon is Australian from 100m down the road and our bread is baked 50m away. 




Support local, whenever possible we like to source products from sustainable, local businesses. Our keep cups come from Wendy a local master in pottery and we stock Good Wax, a local surf wax company that promotes a sustainable alternative to regular paraffin wax (the stuff thats contributing to killing our oceans)