Beer Soap

Beer Soap


Yes thats right folks, all natural handmade soap made with out own freshly brewed BEER. Is that even do - able? Yes. And we did it. Is it bad for my skin? No, in fact fresh brewed craft beer contains all natural ingredients, is packed full of nutrients and has some incredible health benefits for your skin and hair. Does it smell like beer?? not to the untrained nose? Although if you consider yourself an expert in the beer field you will note subtle tones of the beer used. Most of our soap contain essentials oils, which compliment the type of hops used in the beer that makes up that particular soap, so generally thats what you will smell.

“Can I eat the soap?” No.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, Hops, Brewers Yeast.

Our homemade soap is good for skin, face, beards, mums, dads, groms, bachelors/bacherlorette, the old farts and the young guns, the environments and the pretty ones.

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Beer Soap:
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