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Whatโ€™s On


Best Medicine โ€“ Hosted by Anna Brennan โ€“ NOOSA alive! 2019

Wednesday 24 July 2019



Sunday Music From 3:30pm


Sunday 2nd June - Sandflys
Sunday 9th June - Brad Schultz
Sunday 16th June - Alan Kelly
Sunday 23rd June - Sorah Snow
Sunday 30th June - Andrea Kirwin


Sunday 7th July - Brad Schultz
Sunday 14th July - Sandflys
Sunday 21st July - Sorah Snow
Sunday 28th July - Andrea Kirwin


Sunday 4th Aug - Sandflys
Sunday 11th Aug - Alan Kelly
Sunday 18th Aug - Sorah Snow
Sunday 25th Aug - Brad Schultz


Sunday 1st Sept - Sandflys
Sunday 8th Sept - The Black Sheep
Sunday 15th Sept - Jay Bishoff
Sunday 22nd Sept - Sorah Snow
Sunday 29th Sept - Andrea Kirwin


Sunday 6th Oct - Sandflys
Sunday 13th Oct - Jay Bishoff
Sunday 20th Oct - Taylor Moss
Sunday 27th Oct - Andrea Kirwin


Sunday 3rd Nov - Sandflys
Sunday 10th Nov - Taylor Moss
Sunday 17th Nov - The Black Sheep
Sunday 24th Nov - Andrea Kirwin


Sunday 1st Dec - Sandflys
Sunday 8th Dec - Craig Madden
Sunday 15th Dec - Reverend Bill Martin
Sunday 22nd Dec - Taylor Moss
Sunday 29th Dec - Andrea Kirwin